Tips to Avoid a DUI this Holiday Season

Dec 07 2016

We understand that many of you will be eating, drinking and being merry overall this holiday season. We also understand that revelry can lead to an uptick in DUI's as more police forces across the state of New Jersey will be putting additional squads on the road to keep everyone safe from harm.

You can you avoid becoming one of those DUI statistics and/or causing injury or even death to someone else Therefore, we wanted to share these tips from us to avoid a DUI and other drunk driving consequences over the holidays.

Don’t Drink and Drive: Seems obvious and perhaps the simplest way to avoid receiving a DUI. Just don't do it at all. It keeps yourself, your passengers and anyone else on the roads, out of harm's way. Period.

Know Your State's Legal Limit: Legal limits vary by state, so make sure you become familiar with yours and/or any states you will be traveling to and through this holiday season.
In some states you can be arrested for a DUI even with a BAC under the limit, particularly if you have caused an accident. In such jurisdictions, the prosecution would have to show that your driving was impaired by alcohol. Also make sure you eat while drinking; food will help your body digest the alcohol. You can also be careful of how many drinks you're having per hour and calculate your BAC based on your weight. 


Be Extra Cautious. Period. Come to a complete stop. Signal when turning. Signal when changing lanes. Following regular traffic laws this time of the year will keep you of the police radar to begin with.


Know The Laws of Your State, Inside and Out: If you know you will be partaking in some alcohol over the course of the holiday season, brush up on the laws of your state so you know that you will be lawfully operating within them. Even if you choose to "sleep it off" in your car - in some states - something like being in the car itself can lead to a DUI. Known your stuff.

Try and Behave: While no one wants to get pulled over and have their holiday cheer ruined, in the event this does happen, behave yourself and comply with the officer's request for your information, and so on. Even if asked for a urine sample, go ahead and do it. Being as cooperative as possible will at least lessen your chances for additional charges.

While we want you all to have fun this holiday season - know your limits to avoid getting arrested.


In the unfortunate event this may happen, we are here to help.